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The Proposal

Marin Catholic has defended its proposal to add lights to its stadium by saying that a lighted stadium will be a "community benefit."  It claims the nighttime games will give young people something to do during later evening hours, and help prevent undesirable behavior such as alcohol consumption. 

Marin Catholic suggests that evening games at its stadium will help bring a sense of excitement, and the "Friday Night Lights" will help the school become a destination for wholesome, all-American fun.

The Reality

While Marin Catholic is physically located in this community, it is not truly a community school.  Approximately 85% of its students do not live in the local area. 

Neighborhood residents may be able to come to watch a game as spectators, but on a daily basis the field is closed to all but Marin Catholic personnel, as the picture above indicates.

We believe the only beneficiary to this proposal is Marin Catholic itself, a tax-exempt private school.  The tax-paying residents have made it clear on multiple occasions that they do not approve of this divisive plan, and now form a large and growing opposition in all surrounding neighborhoods.