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Join your neighbors in opposing Marin Catholic's plan to light up our neighborhood.  Dozens have written letters and spoken out about this ill-conceived plan to transform our community. 

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Proposal Deemed NOT Consistent with Use Permit

On November 21st, the Marin County Planning Division indicated to Marin Catholic that their proposal for field lights is not consistent with the Mandatory Use Permit.

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Marin Catholic Receives 90 Day Extension
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Our Neighborhood

As residents of Greenbrae, Kentfield, and Larkspur, we need to take a stand against Marin Catholic's attempt to transform the place we call home.

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Noise and Lights

Greatly increased noise levels and nighttime glare from the lights are two of the most obvious problems with this plan. 

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County Design Review 

The Environment

Marin Catholic is immediately adjacent to the Corte Madera Creek Wetlands area, a sensitive habitat for wildlife and plant species which may be damaged as a result of stadium noise and lights. 

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This is the view of Marin Catholic stadium from one of the homes on the Greenbrae hillside.  Sounds travels unimpeded directly from the field to these homes.  The amphitheatre effect of the hills ensures that every call, whistle, and cheer from the field is clearly heard by hillside residents, as well as hundreds of residents in other surrounding areas such as Spyglass Hill, Hillview Gardens, and the Bacich / Creekside area.  Sound waves travel much more efficiently in the cool evening temperatures, virtually guaranteeing disruptive noise through 10 pm most nights of the year.  

The Creekside Tidal Wetlands area is also visible immediately behind the stadium.  The effect of increased noise and light on this sensitive habitat and the endangered species that nest there requires a detailed study and full CEQA review.

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Lighted arenas and the myth of deterrence

Community Letters

Join your neighbors in supporting the Preserve Ross Valley movement

Marin County

Follow the Marin Catholic High School Design Review / Use Permit (P1123) on the county site

Friends of Corte Madera Creek

Our local organization focused on the health of the tidal wetlands and the species that inhabit them

We believe the Marin Catholic lighting proposal is very one-sided. A single private school will enjoy the benefit, but an entire neighborhood will pay the price.

Good Neighbors

Is MC truly the "good neighbor" it claims to be?

Other CA Tales

Video & articles from other communities on how damaging field lights are.

EIR Issues

What is an EIR and why is MC's attempt to skip it so problematic?

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