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Lights Not Consistent with Use Permit

In a letter sent November 21st from the Planning Division of the Community Development Agency, Marin County indicated to Marin Catholic High School that their proposal for field lights is not consistent with the Mandatory Use Permit.  They are preparing to issue a summary denial for the project to the Planning Commission.  The full letter can be seen here on the County’s website.


Summary passages from the letter include the following:

“As proposed, we believe that the project is not consistent with the mandatory Use Permit and Design Review findings because the combined effects of the project related to the projected light and glare, noise, and traffic congestion would adversely affect the character of the surrounding community.”

“In closing, we would like to reiterate that our recommendation that the project is inconsistent with the Use Permit and Design Review findings is not solely based on the impacts related to any one of the aforementioned categories, but rather the combined effects that will result from the project. We intend to prepare a summary denial for the Planning Commission’s consideration at an upcoming hearing. You will have the opportunity to dispute our assertions during this hearing, but we also hope that you are willing to consider alternatives to your current project and present them to the Planning Commission to gain their insight and direction. While we cannot speak to your highest priorities or guarantee any particular outcome, we hope that you will consider alternatives that reduce the public detriments your project would have on the surrounding community. Please let us know if you would like the opportunity to formulate alternatives for the Planning Commission’s review by December 15th, 2017.”