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Environmental Review

MC Lights Environmental review


The project has now moved into the Environmental Review Status.  The county’s general process outline is pasted in below, and can be found on the county website here. 

Staff is currently processing Marin Catholic’s application to allow installation of four 80-foot tall light standards on the football field. The application was submitted to the Community Development Agency (CDA) on January 14, 2016.

Per their application, Marin Catholic seeks to utilize the newly installed lights for a maximum of 514 games and practices annually, with the existing PA system proposed to be utilized for a maximum of 88 (of the 514) events. As part of reviewing applications for larger projects such as the Marin Catholic proposal, staff transmits the application to public agencies and community groups that may have an interest in the proposal, to solicit their feedback. In accordance with the Permit Streamlining Act, staff has 30 days to review the application for completeness. If the application is deemed incomplete by CDA, a list of required information will be sent to Marin Catholic’s representative. Marin Catholic will then have 30 days to resubmit all of the requested information (additional time may be requested). Once all necessary information for merits review is submitted, the project will be deemed complete. Once the application is complete, the project will then be analyzed for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), to determine whether it has the potential for significant environmental impacts.

This review will consist of an initial study, which is a preliminary analysis prepared by the County to determine whether an environmental impact report (EIR) or a negative declaration must be prepared for the project. The County shall prepare a proposed negative declaration or a mitigated negative declaration for the project if the initial study shows that there is no substantial evidence, in light of the whole record before the County, that the project may have a significant effect, or if the effects can be mitigated to a point where clearly no significant effects would occur.

This initial study and negative declaration would circulate for agency/public review and comment. Following adoption of a negative declaration or a mitigated negative declaration, the project would proceed to merits phase review.

If the initial study shows that the project’s potential for significant environmental impacts has not been clearly mitigated, then an EIR for the project will be required. Several opportunities for agency input and public comment are included in this process, including public hearings. Again, merits phase review would follow the environmental review process.

If you are a homeowner of a property within 600 feet of Marin Catholic, you will receive notices of all public meeting via regular mail. Whether you live inside or outside of the public noticing radius, you can receive email notification of public hearings relating to Marin Catholic by “subscribing” to the project page in the CDA website (starting with the following link) by.

In addition to public notices, updated project plans and special studies will also be posted to the project application webpage.

There are multiple opportunities to become involved with the project throughout the project review process. The Kentfield Planning Advisory Board considered the project on January 27, 2016, and will meet again in the future (date to be determined) to discuss the project. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and can find out about meetings from following Kentfield Planning Advisory Board Meeting Agenda.

Finally, you may contact the project planner, Jocelyn Drake, [email protected], with questions or concerns at any time during the process.