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MC Application Incomplete

Marin County Deems Marin Catholic’s Lights Application Incomplete

Read complete letter here: Marin Catholic Incomplete Notice

The county came back to Marin Catholic with twenty specific points requiring further action or clarification.  Key findings of the county review can be summarized from this initial section of the letter:

Upon preliminary review of your application, staff is concerned about whether the project conforms to the following application findings:
. Design Review finding b) “the project will not result in light pollution, trespass, glare, and privacy (impacts)”.
. Design Review finding a). “the scale is appropriate to and compatible with the surroundings and community”.
. Use Permit finding c). “the design, Iocation, size, and operating characteristics of the proposed use are compatible with the existing and future land uses in the vicinity”.

Further, the project has yet to demonstrate consistency with the following policies:
. Countywide Plan Policy NO-1a. which stipulates that the maximum level of day time dB shall be 70 (65 for impulsive noise) and the maximum level of night time dB shall be 65 (60 for impulsive noise), as measured from the properly line.
. Countywide PIan Policy DES-.1 “protect scenic quality and views of the natural environment”.

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